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Jordan Daniel was born on Aug 26th, 1999
weighing 7lbs.- 4oz. and measuring 21-1/2" long.

Kyle Ray was born on April 19th, 2004
weighing 7lbs - 8oz. and measuring 21-1/2" long


JordanR.jpg (24297 bytes)

Jordan at 2 weeks old

Jordan at 5 months old

Jordan at 6 months old

Jordan with his soccer ball.( 8 mon)

Jordan at 8 months learning the guitar

Kyle at 3 months

Kyle at 5 months old

Kyle 8 months

1 year old

Kyle playing the piano 1yr

Here Jordan 6 months old and cousin 
Charlie is10 months old

2 months later, Jordan is 8 months and 
Charlie is 12 month

Here is Jordan 4 almost 5 and his brother Kyle 3 1/2 months

Here is Jordan and Kyle tooling around in the desert with the Blazer

Jordan during "Get High on Kicks not Drugs" Fremont Street in Las Vegas, NV April 30th 2005 - He managed 2,350 kicks

"Round House Kick"


"Round House Kick"

"Heeaah during a Snap Kick"

Get High on Kicks not Drugs Certificate for Jordan

On 05/04/05 Jordan received his 12 Kup Gold (Yellow) belt in Karate