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What's up at Difbeats:
 There are a lot of areas to focus your attention to on this site, some of which don't pertain to any of the other areas. You can find all the categories on the left. Some say that I have branched out a little to much into different areas, I say if your interested in it, I may be too, so lets go for it. Seeing as how this is my site, I feel the unbelievable erg to include the topics I want to include, regardless of what the others may believe.

A Little History:
 The original concept of Difbeats Entertainment & Web Design started  as an idea to build high quality web show cases for artists. In my training to become a web author I have decided to stretch my efforts to include all styles of web creation and computer programming. I have found that programming is as much a part of my life now as performing my music on a stage. Read More...

Web Design and Programming:
As stated in the History section of this page the main focus of Difbeats is web design and programming. We have links to very excellent sites to help in your programming web and user apps as well as sample codes created by the Difbeats staff and others. So let your hair down, kick off your shoes and start programming your way to a better looking, more functional, user friendly presence on the web. 

Hosting services:
As an added service Difbeats has started to offer the best quality Windows based web hosting service available. click here to see our services and rates.


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